Axial Seamount


As we get ready to embark on our research cruise to Axial Seamount from September 3-19, it only seems fitting to load a map of the area where we will be spending our time. The Google Earth map above shows the location of Axial while the digital elevation map (DEM) below zooms in on the area and displays benchmark sites (blue squares) and vents (red circles) located near the caldera, a large volcanic crater typically formed by an eruption.

Axial Seamount

Our group from UNCW consists of Dr. Scott Nooner and graduate students Shawn McGuire and Elisa Baumgardt. Our goal for this cruise is to get pressure measurements at all the different benchmark sites which will allow for modeling the re-inflation of the volcano since the last eruption in 2011. We will be on the research vessel Thompson and will be making a number of dives with the remotely operated vehicle Jason.

For more detailed scientific updates throughout the cruise, you can also follow

  1. Good luck! And enjoy!!

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